I’m often asked what my kids eat for dinner since they are vegan. Here is the first of what I hope will be many posts of what Ari and Eli eat and enjoy.

The most difficult meal to prepare for my kids is dinner. The boys will often start complaining that they don’t like dinner on their way to the table – before they even know what is on the table!

Pasta with veggies usually passes the picky, winey, witching-hour test.

This dish is something I throw together at least once or twice a week. I do not follow a recipe since I have been doing it for so long.

We like to use whole wheat, brown rice or quinoa pasta and avoid white and bleached pasta. I often try to cook everything in one pot but sometimes get a little fancy and use two.

The simple one pot version goes like this:

1. Cook pasta according to directions. While pasta is cooking prepare whatever veggies you are going to add to the dish.

2. Drain pasta in colander.

3. While pasta is draining throw a cup or two of beans (white, pinto, kidney, garbanzo) in the pot. Keep the heat on medium to low on the stove.

4. Add broccoli or spinach (or any other veggies) and about a half a cup of non-dairy milk.

5. Add a third of a cup of nutritional yeast and stir. It will make a slightly creamy/cheesy looking sauce.

6. Turn the heat off.

7. Add the juice of one lemon or lime (more if you would like).

8. Add the pasta back into the pan and stir to incorporate all the ingredients.

The final dish resembles a pasta primavera minus the dairy. If you have fresh tomatoes you can add them on top for some extra color.

You might have noticed that I did not use any oil in this recipe. I’ve stopped using it entirely and find I do not miss it at all. I also am trying to avoid salt so I do not cook with it. I will sprinkle it on the dish once it is plated if the kids ask for it. The lemon juice helps add flavor so we can often get away with not adding salt.

I can usually enjoy a few moments of silence as the boys stop talking and actually eat their dinner.

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